Car Hire North Cyprus
Car Hire North Cyprus

Driving in North Cyprus

Renting a car in North Cyprus is easy and cheap and although mini buses and taxis are available they are often unreliable, especially during the summer months. Due to irregular schedules and the fact that many places of interest are inaccessible by public transport, we recommend car rental as the most practical and stress-free way of exploring this beautiful country. Using our car hire service, you are able to choose your own pick-up and drop-off location at any Kyrenia hotel, Famagusta hotel, and if required your hire vehicle can be dropped at your arrival into Ercan Airport.

Arranging your car rental

It is advised you make your reservations before you leave the UK as booking your car rental ahead will give you access to online discounts. There are some great off-road opportunities in North Cyprus, so if you wish to go into the rough and wild, enquire about a suitable 4x4 rental vehicle. Both manual cars and automatic cars are available with air-conditioning which is especially useful during the hot summer months when temperatures rise above 30 degrees. Most rental cars are right hand drive (the same as the UK), since traffic on the island drives on the left, although left hand drive cars are occasionally available. NB: unfortunately, rental cars from the North are not allowed to cross the border to Southern Cyprus. If you plan to cross to the south, you can drive up to the check point, park your car at the border and walk across.


The minimum age requirement for hiring a vehicle in North Cyprus is 21 years of age, and you will need to have a valid national driving licence or international driving licence.

Speed limits

Both parts of the island have similar driving speed limits. The Kyrenia Nicosia - Famagusta highway is mostly limited to 100 kph/60mph, and generally the speed limits are 60 kph/40 mph on the smaller back roads and 50 kph/30 mph in built-up areas.

A few tips

Always ensure you have sufficient fuel in your rentacar as petrol stations can be few and far between, especially in rural areas.

Remember to carry your driving licence and rental documents with you at all times when driving your hire car. Police officers may perform spot checks and will ask to see your papers.

Rush hours in the towns are generally between 7.30 and 8 am, 1 and 1.30 pm and between 5 and 6 pm. If possible, avoid driving your rental car west in the late afternoon during the summer, as the glare of the setting sun may shine directly into your eyes.